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Carl Grivakis

Holy Carp Design


My BusinessHoly Carp Design is the creative service of Carl Grivakis, a well visual and marketing designer, who has been practicing for over 10 years. The goal of Holy Carp is to introduce clients to a collaborative process for design, working in partnership to develop a fully unique creative solution.

Ideal Referral- Small businesses looking to rebrand their business and needing new assets - Rebranding/edits to local website - Print buying

Top Product- Graphic design services - Logo redevelopment - Print purchasing and file prep

Top Problem Solved- Managing all digital assets for $10 million company, cataloging and training others in using those resources

My Favorite BNI Story- Being approached by a local business owner to work on their new store branding, nurturing that brand throughout the year, then being invited to BNI to become a member

My Ideal Referral Partner- A thought partner in the mobile media/development space - professional photographer - print service provider